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Business Reimagined with Creatrix, Lauren Wallett.

Attention: Coaches, Consultants, CEO’s and Entrepreneurs. Welcome…

You want to do more than just build a money-making business. You don’t just sell stuff. You’re connecting communities and enhancing people’s lives. You’re here to create a legacy empire. Congrats, you’ve found the sweet spot here, honey. Welcome to Create Business Academy with your Creatrix, Lauren Wallett, Intuitive Business Coach for Business Owners Online and in Los Angelos.

Together, we’ll reimagine your business so that you get paid to play your way. No hustle, no grind. Just ease, flow, and your pleasure prioritized.

Business is an act of creation and your creativity is the most powerful untapped resource you have. It’s your superpower to skyrocket your success. I’ll show you how to access yours and when you do you’ll get paid to play.

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Money is Power | Time is Freedom | Business is Creation

Your head is a jungle. Equally dangerous and exciting. You’re a prolific idea generator, super skilled, and talented BUT how do you scale your business so it doesn’t take all your time? You love what you do and who you serve, but how do you make more money without working harder and burning out?

Stop doing business the patriarchal day and start enjoying it the playful way.

You do what feels good and fun for you.


You’re already a choice maker

So take what best serves you and leave the rest. Take your time. There’s no rush.

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Proven Success Strategies.

You’re a business-builder who needs to fill a few gaps. From branding, marketing, and sales, to confidence training and content creation – I’ve got you covered.

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Dynamic Support.

You’re a community-builder who wants more sales, simplified marketing, and structure to scale. Get personal feedback, specific insight, and generous guidance as you grow.

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Business Partner On Demand.

You’re a boss. From ideation to implementation, I’ll do it with you. We’ll prioritize ideas, optimize offers, maximize your marketing and expand opportunities together. Expect rapid acceleration.


Business Reimagined: from patriarchal to playful

Stand out & Scale

Your business is your creation. You’re meant to RECEIVE money from your magic. No complicated rules to follow. Just your channeled genius served straight. EXPECT more freedom than you’ve ever known.

RESULTS? Less Work, More Play, and a thriving business that allows you to lavish your loved ones and spoil yourself.

I’m Lauren Wallett, Your Creative Strategist, and Business Mentor.

Celebrity Entrepreneur. Award-Winning Playwright. Author. Techstars Alumni. NBC Coach. International Speaker. Plant Mom. Dog Lover. And Coffee Addict. After working with hundreds of people, I know how to set you on the elevator path to business success.


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Lauren Wallett’s Diversity Statement

Lauren Wallett is committed to following anti-racist practices and standing against systems that uphold white supremacy and patriarchy.

I stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter, LQBTQIA+, Indigenous Rights, and causes that work towards equality, peace and justice for all.

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