A pre-post checklist for WordPress bloggers and a guide of best practices for beginner bloggers who are thinking about starting a WordPress blog but who want to know what goes into each post before they do. Here’s everything you need to do to optimize your blog for both your and your reader’s experience.

Hey Blogger, welcome!

Setting up your blog is a big project, but what keeps your blog alive are the posts. This post unpacks your pre-post checklist. It’s what I’ve used in establishing this blog pre-launch. This post is what I call a living post which means I will update it as and when I add to my personal blog pre-post checklist.

This post assumes you have an understanding of the mechanics of a working with a wordpress blog, know the basics of SEO and either do your own digital design or have someone who will design for you. And that you know what you want to blog about.

The fact is that writing the post is only part of running a successul blog. Next you need to get it published effeictively and then promote it. This post isn’t about promotion. Its’s your pre-post checklist of all the things to consider before you publish so that all your blogs are consistent and professional.

Pre-post blog checklist

Blog title

Write a simple title on what the blog is about. How are you capitalizing it?

Header image

Save the image with the blog title (.png or .jpeg) when you design it.

Intro paragraph

Who should read this and what’s in it for your reader?

Choose a header option – I use header 3.

Blog structure and segments

Determine the structure of each blog and what segments to include.

Are you answering who, what, why, how, and when? Are you telling your reader context with what it was like, what happened next and what it’s like now? Do you have a set structure or is each blog different?

Blog style

How many images are you including per blog? Are they sized to repurpose on Instagram or Pinterest, Reels, or another platform?

Get the Smush WP Plugin to optimize your images for faster loading speed.

Blog links

Backlink to other website pages, blogs, and offers in each post. The more interconnected, the better.

Check that all your links work.


How do you end each blog?

I do a Summary, Key Takeaways and Recommended Reading.

Sign off

How do you sign off each blog? I write Love, Lauren.

CTA: Call To Action

What are you inviting your reader to do after they’ve read the post?

  • Email you
  • Purchase
  • Follow you on social media
  • You choose


Create a subscribe button that links back to your email service provider (like Mailchimp or Convertkit).

Meta description

This is a post expert. I use the intro paragraph.

Focus keyphrase

Add your focus keyphrase. Something from the title works best.


Add your slug if it’s different from the title. I typically shorten mine.


Add your category

Publish date

Set your publish date. Determine your content calendar for this so that you know which piece goes where.

Take the stress out of what to post next with a solid system in place. Get your hand-held step-by-step training program to craft your content plan with The Ultimate 12-Step Content Plan in the Content Gold category inside The Vault. It’s a video series, audio training, class videos, and guidebook.

What’s missing?

Would you add anything to this list? Email me and let me know hello@laurenwallett.com


After you’ve written your blog, complete this pre-post check before pushing publish and then you need to roll our your promotional strategy.

Key Takeaways

There are 15 parts to consider in you blog’s pre-post publishing.

Recommeneded Reading

All the 4 categories of this blog:

  • Playtriarchy (which is my world for reimagining the future of business that gives an alternative to patriarchal standards and hustle culture. Instead of working, it’s about playing.)
  • Business Growth (tips and tricks to grow your business into one that flourishes no matter what.)
  • Content Strategy (this is the essence of what I train business owners and marketers to do because content keeps your audience alive so that they continue to buy from you.)
  • Social Media Savvy (your practical guide to promotional platforms and the best practices to get the most out of them.)

Love, Lauren




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