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Working less and making more money sounds counter-intuitive when you still believe that the less you work, the less you gain. But the truth is “busy work” is getting you nowhere. You actually get to work less and earn more when you stick to these 3 steps. 

Here’s the secret to making money in business: Marketing. You may be the best in the world at what you do, but if no one knows how to buy from you, it really doesn’t matter how good you at what you do.

If you’re not making the kind of money you want to be making, marketing is the missing link in your current sales strategy. Your community doesn’t know how to buy from you. That’s because of 3 reasons:

#1 They don’t know who you are

#2 They don’t know what you’re selling

#3 You don’t cater to their financial needs

Here’s how you fix these issues in a top-level overview:

#1 Establish your online persona so that they know who you are. Get VISIBLE across platforms. (Start with social.)

#2 Magnetize your community so that you have pre-existing relationships with future clients. Do this through SHARING captivating content. (This is the magic that brings in the money.)

#3 Optimize to scale your business so you cater to a range of clients. REPURPOSE your offers into tiers. (Now you’re working less and napping more!)

How to implement the 3 steps in your business

This creative combination will show you how to scale your business and achieve success. First I’ll show you how to stand out online. Second I’ll show you how to grow your community and third, is where the magic happens and you scale your business. Following these steps will give you three business achievements: 

  • A business that makes an Impact
  • A business that generates your Income and 
  • A business that’s Interdependent so your clients keep coming back and buying more.

You’ll activate your Love to make an Impact with your business. 

You’ll include Play to generate an Income from your business. 

And when you combine Love and Play, you’ll experience business Interdependence that feels like Magic because it is. 

  • Love is about you.
  • Play is about your community.
  • And Magic is where you both come together.


Impact from Love

We start with how you wish to finish. With love. When you’re creating a legacy of love, love becomes your ultimate strategy. You’ll show up to share and trust that your dream clients know what’s best for them. You’ll build a relationship built on respect and connection, not shame and cohesion. Your ACE is how you keep your clients coming back for more. Your ACE is your Artistic Connected Expression.

You’ll create an impact when you’re able to translate what’s inside your heart into irresistible packages. Everything you’ll discover in this section will help you to formulate your future offers collection.

Break this #1 Rule: Work Hard. You don’t work harder. You don’t even need to work smarter. You’re going to scrap hard and smart and share your ACE.


Income from Play

 Play is how you decide whether the choice is a do, or a don’t. You ignore traditional sales and let your clients come to you on their own. You’ll show to sell. When you do, you’ll position yourself as the obvious best choice and attract your dream clients. There is no competition because you’re literally in a league of your own. Grow a connected community and you’ll get paid to play. 

Run all your ideas through this PLAY filter. Ask yourself, is this PLAYPurpose Driven, Light-Hearted, and Aligned to YOU. 

Break this #2 Rule: Always be Closing! Instead, let your clients choose for themselves.


Interdependence – that’s Magic

 Interdependence is the secret elevator path to success. It’s about having a support structure that’s built to take you straight to the top. The magic happens when you include others in your love. It’s where one plus one becomes eleven. It’s exponential. A miracle is just the unexpected. And that’s what the space of possibilities is when love and play merge. It’s the miracle zone or as I like to call it: the pure magic of interdependence.

This whole vibe can start sounding quite religious or mystical but in reality, it isn’t. It’s what’s most natural to your core central essence as a creator. You don’t need to figure it out, you need to remember it.

Business is not about “screw it”, or screwing over anyone and just doing it – yourself. You’re allowed to have support, encouragement, and help along the way and you’ll get there, faster together. You don’t have to figure this all out alone. You’ll get RICH when you Realize Interdependence Creates Happen-ness. 

Break this #3 Rule: Do it yourself! You’ll embrace interdependent support to scale and sustain success. 

Business Reimagined is about abundance over paychecks and a custom-designed lifestyle. It’s not about a 4-hour workweek, scheduled days off, and calendar-blocked holidays. If you can’t take a random day off whenever you feel like it, your business is not your Sugar Daddy. Because your Sugar Daddy business knows that personal maintenance is where it’s at. Your polished nails don’t just do themselves!

Love, Lauren

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