If your content zone of genius is writing, or you want to create written content, then you’re in the right spot to get quick-win writing content strategies, a list of tech tools to support your content creation, and more.

If you haven’t taken the content genius quiz yet, you can do that here.

Words ARE the spells of our lives, and your words are your wand. Write it ALL down. Your words are your legacy and what you’ll build your business with. 

Benefits of Writing

You need written content for everything, so you’re already in an excellent position. You’ll get to share your philosophy and fresh, novel ideas that the world needs to hear. When you express your truth, it draws the right people to you (and pushes the wrong ones away). 

There are two primary ways to use text:



These are very different! I’d experiment with combining both to find your voice.

Your Text Strategy

I’d recommend a Repurpose strategy for you. Re-use one written piece across multiple platforms. Take extracts to post on each. One written piece can be divided and multiplied to use again and again. 

For example, a compelling sales page becomes the basis for 3 emails in your nurture sequence. 

For a deep dive into how to repurpose most effectively, get The Ultimate Repurpose Pack in the Content Gold category inside The Vault.

Text Content Ideas

1.) Write about your creative process, not just the outcome of the work itself.

2.) Share specific personal moments from your past and how they relate to what you do now.

3.) Be controversial and don’t shy away from potentially polarizing opinion pieces. 

Tech Tools: 

Grammarly for grammar

Hemmingway for flow

ProWritingAid for editing

Scrivener for when you combine pieces and write your book 

For more on writing, get Message Mastery inside of The Vault.

The other zones of Content Genius

To read up on the other zones of content genius, click on any of these:

Video Genius (you excel at creating videos)

Imagery Genius (you excel at creating images)

Audio Genius (you excel at utilizing audio)

Or you’re a Prolific Creator who excels at them all!

And tap here to take the quiz.

Love, Lauren




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