For business owners, coaches, consultants, and email marketers who email their list to make more sales. Use these 14 email headings this month to improve your email open rate.

Growing your email list is one thing but getting your list to open your emails is everything. The average email open rate (across all industries) is 21.33% so getting an average of 50% email open rate means doing over 230% above average, and that’s brilliant. These emails are my best-performing emails over the past +3 years.

It’s not the size of the list, it’s the open rate

I recommend regularly cleaning up your email list (by archiving dormant users) to improve your open rate metrics. Only the people who open your emails will buy from you. Having a list of 10K with a 21% open rate means having a reach of 2100 people. That’s equivalent to having a list of 4000 people with a 52.5% open rate. It’s an email list that’s 40% smaller but gives you the same reach.

Emailing someone is far more intimate than a social media post so pre-planning all your emails is like serving leftovers (or a meal-prep dish, which is the same thing as leftovers) instead of a freshly cooked meal. The whole point of a great email is that it’s from you, so it shouldn’t sound like anyone else.

You should know that I’m not a fan of funnels and ever-green emails. I’ve done a handful of sequences when I’m onboarding clients from a new lead magnet but I far prefer spontaneous emails written straight from the heart.

Delivered fresh & served from your heart

My best email advice is to keep your emails current and authentic. Take inspiration from these 14 email headings but make them your own! I hope they spark some innovative and creative ideas for your next email campaign.

After the list, I’ve written my notes as to what works best for your email headers.

X14 Best Email Headings

I’ve written the title with a dash for the open rate percentage. “Emj” stands for emoji.

  • short and sweet for you – 63.60
  • Grow your audience today – 59.7
  • Access all of you – 57.6
  • For you – 56.90
  • See you online in an hour for your Instagram class – 55.3
  • Are you a multi-passionate / multi-potentialite? – 53.8
  • A good exchange – 52.70
  • Your Business Bootcamp Starts Tomorrow – 52.3
  • (emj) Don’t Sell To Your Audience! (emj) – 51.5
  • (emj) some Friday love for you (emj) –51.1
  • Hello Twenty Plenty – 10 gifts for you – 51
  • Re: today – valentines day – 49.8
  • (emj) Goodbye – 48.9
  • [TODAY ONLY] Free Creative Strategy – 48.80

Notes on Email Headers

  • Use You in the headline
  • Mention the time, or today a number
  • Ask a question
  • Add intrigue
  • Use Emojis
  • Play with CAPS and no caps for the first letter

Notes for inside the email

  • Write “Microdose” emails – super short conversation starters.
  • Use text emails instead of a heavily designed, styled email. You can still add gifs, images, or videos but it shouldn’t look like a template.


Take inspiration from these 14 email headers but make them your own!

Key Takeaways

X6 Notes on email headers

X2 Notes for inside the email

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