YOU are the niche. All of you in your multi-faceted, kaleidoscopic, radiant magnitude so STOP trying to dim your light and shrink yourself to fit in. Expand to all your edges.

You don’t have to have a Niche!

You are the Niche

Niches assume separation and difference.

“Coach for Mompreneurs”, “Neuro-Spicy Creators” “Multi-passionate Entrepreneurs.”

They often promote select demographics instead of connecting to people’s hearts regardless of gender, race, and age. Sure a sub-culture can be cool, but creating boarders where you could be inviting diversity in is better.

We call it Creative Anarchy at Create Business Academy: all rebels welcome. You don’t have to fit into a certain “type”. Sure, we don’t get a lot of Boy bosses and Dadpreneurs – but we’ve had some and they’re welcome too!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a stay-at-home mom or a CEO – you both want to design a lifestyle and business you love.

Your current position doesn’t define your desires.

Of course, you want to make money and be successful at what you do so you can provide for your loved ones and have time to enjoy life’s pleasures!

That’s not a solution statement – that’s called being a human on Planet Earth.

Niches are putting yourself into a box because it seems safe. It’s stifling. Despite what outdated marketers will tell you, not everything is about solving a problem.

I don’t drink coffee to solve a problem, and I do it every day. It’s a moment of pleasure, a ceremony with friends, a writing ritual, and I love the taste. It energizes me, and that’s a bonus. It’s not the point or the reason I chose it. It’s an enhancement based on pleasure. Base your product or service on pleasure, and not on problems. I didn’t start my candle business to solve the problem of romantic lighting or to save money on electrical bills. Candles are purely for pleasure.

“I help people overcome something they’re struggling or suffering with. I offer solutions” – so what?

It’s not about what you do or even why you do it (sorry Simon Sinek).

It’s about HOW you do…

It’s about HOW you do. And how you do is all about YOU. Because how you do shows what happens next. It paints the picture of life after the problem.

How you do isn’t about what your client needs or wants. It’s about how you show up. You don’t need to fit yourself into their needs and wants. When you DO YOU, they’ll be drawn to you if you’re a fit.

Stop wasting another drop of your gorgeous creative energy on trying to define yourself into a problem statement and express yourself.

DO you. SHINE all your colors – your multifaceted rainbow. You treasured diamond. You supernova. You’re here to Super Bloom. Don’t niche down. Rise in LOVE.

My Secret Strategy to Success

Want Lauren’s secret strategy to success?

“I am the niche.”

I share what I love. I do whatever I love and I love whatever I do. Until I don’t. Then I do something new. That’s all. When you share your ACE (your Artistic Connected Expression), you’ll stand out. People will invest in who you are and what you do. Pretending is draining. Expressing yourself is energizing.

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Enjoy this free training: Personal Branding in our AI World for a taste of how to show up online as ALL of you.

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