There’s a secret fast track to your future success. It runs parallel to empowering others. If you want a steady stream of success stories, live as your own example. Not in a fake it till you make it way. In a ‘share your heart out’ way. 

You are your future client now. 

Start treating yourself like your dream client or customer right now. Not the one who’s stuck or struggling. The one who’s already succeeded.

The one who has the stand-out brand online. Who’s social media works for them. The one who gets great press or has great skin. Who works less and plays more. You know, whatever it is that you sell, show us the “what happens next” afterglow.

Give yourself all that you want and then you’ll know what to give to others.

Add more love into everything you do because adding more love is adding more you. More of you becomes more for everyone to enjoy. Your life as art and your work as love legacy.

I’ve worked with clients on Creative Alchemy (sometimes called The Rebella Journey). We rewrite their future by writing the past and editing their present. It’s a fascinating and rewarding process. But what’s been far more powerful is doing it for myself.

Here’s what happened when I did:

I experienced, firsthand, the value of what I offer. I transformed through my process and embodied a fuller version of myself. Whenever this happens, I upgrade areas of my life. I discovered books I had inside me and wrote them. I realized I’d outgrown relationships and friendships and moved on. I moved cities and countries. I’ve expanded into MORE of my edges, turned out the voltage, and shone brighter.

The problem was that in my desire to help others first, I buried my own capabilities. If you’re anything like me, maybe you have some unearthing to do too? 

That thing you want so badly for others, give that to yourself first.

I’d been training entrepreneurs to stand out for years. All the while, I was holding myself back. I didn’t want to make it all about me and so kept the focus on them. They should stand out so they could excel. In reality, the moment I stepped into the spotlight and lived as an example, clients wanted what I offered.

I started posting on TikTok and continue standing out and going viral.

It is far easier to just do the thing yourself than convince people why they need it.

When you show, they can tell.

You’re the living proof.

You are the living, breathing example of your reimagined business or reimagined life.

You don’t need anyone else to “get it” or be convinced that what you sell has value. You’ll get it through living it. Your life is the value expressed. The proof is your delicious life. Your business will give you everything you’ve ever dreamed of and more. You’ll personify your business values. When what you do works, it’s obvious. You don’t need to say it. You’ll show it.

There’s a massive difference between talking the talk and walking the walk.

Forget the motivational quote and share the inspirational example in action. Of course, talking about your “best life” is easier. Doing it? It’s a whole other thing. We don’t need conceptual understanding. We need actually lived examples.

SHOW through HOW you do life.

That’s leadership.

That’s what attracts your clients.

That’s your legacy creation in action.

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