Ever wonder what your email habits say about you? In a deep dive into the 80 emails we sent in 2023, we’ve revealed not just your top 10 favorites, but also the reasons behind their appeal. Find out why these headers were so compelling, what they reveal about your unique personality, and audience sentiment, and how you can apply these insights into action for your email strategy in 2024.

This You?

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You’re a uniquely multifaceted individual, with an insatiable curiosity and a forward-thinking mindset. You’re able to adapt to change, embrace innovation, and have a creative flair. Your strengths are thinking outside the box and seeking unconventional solutions to challenges.

Yet, despite staying ahead of the curve, you often sometimes feel overwhelmed with keeping up with all the advancements. You worry that you’re not making the most of what’s available to you. This vulnerability makes you feel restless, constantly seeking the next big thing without fully immersing in the present. Sometimes you overlook the beauty in simplicity, getting caught up in complexities and future predictions.

You don’t just want to witness change but to be an active participant in it, influencing and contributing to the progression of society and our collective future.

Your journey is one of continuous learning, exploration, and personal growth, driven by a passion for technology, creativity, and personal development.

You Think

  1. “I need to stay ahead of the curve – what’s new that I haven’t learned yet?”
  2. “Is there a creative solution to this problem that I haven’t considered?”
  3. “How can I apply these insights from my favorite podcast or article directly into my life?”

You Say

  1. “Let’s think outside the box !”
  2. “This could be a game-changer.”
  3. “Always stay curious.”

You Feel

  1. Excitement and anticipation at the prospect of learning or trying something new.
  2. Pleasure when mastering a new skill or concept.
  3. Curiosity about new ideas, trends, and possibilities.

You Do

  1. Read up on the latest tech news and trends.
  2. Experiment with new apps, gadgets, or productivity tools.
  3. Engage in creative problem-solving at work or in personal projects.
  4. Share insights and ideas on social media or in discussions with friends.
  5. Reflect on personal growth and set new goals for self-improvement.

What Your Favorite Email Header Reveals About YOU

These are your top 10 emails from 2023. (Tap the title to re-read the email.) And here’s what your favorite header reveals about what you’re into…

[FREE] Replay: Play, don’t pay

You are a practical & value-oriented person who prefers practical benefits and appreciates opportunities to gain something valuable without a cost.

What draws you in is: Exclusivity

Tonight’s Super Moon Magic Means 1 Thing For You…🌕

You’re a mystical and curious person drawn to the mysterious and unexplained, showing a curiosity for the cosmic and supernatural.

What draws you in is: Mystery

Friday Quickie: SmART HeARTs ♥️

You’re a creative and expressive person who enjoys creativity, emotional expression, and artistic pursuits or appreciates art deeply.

What draws you in is: Creativity

I Predicted The Future [AGAIN🤯] and you can too

You’re a futuristic and innovative person, fascinated by predictions and future trends, indicating a forward-thinking and innovative mindset.

What draws you in is: Foresight

Meet the world’s first AI Podcast Host 🤖 & get Productivity Plug-ins!

You’re a tech-savvy and efficient person interested in technology, particularly AI, and always seeking ways to enhance productivity.

What draws you in is: Innovation

Warning: you’re about to get an invitation from me

You’re a social and engaged person who enjoys feeling personally connected and engaged, and likely values exclusive opportunities and personal invitations.

What draws you in is: Anticipation

Did you get your top 3 posts yet?

You’re a selective and informed person who prefers curated content that is tailored to your interests, indicating a discerning and selective nature.

What draws you in is: Personalization

Are you missing the obvious? What’s hiding in plain site🐘🐘🐘

You’re an observant and analytical person who enjoys uncovering hidden truths or details.

What draws you in is: Awareness

Hello from London! 🇬🇧 (did you miss me?)

You’re a personable and relational person who values personal connections and experiences, and likely enjoys travel and personal stories.

What draws you in is: Connection

Take The Quiz: AI and You

You’re an interactive and reflective person who likes engaging with content actively and enjoys self-reflection, particularly regarding personal relevance of technological trends.

What draws you in is: Interactivity

What Resonates and Why?

Discovering Audience Sentiment:

Analyzing these top 10 email headers gives us the audience sentiment, which includes:

Intrigue and Curiosity:

Headings like “[FREE] Replay: Play, don’t pay”, “Tonight’s Super Moon Magic Means 1 Thing For You…🌕”, and “I Predicted The Future [AGAIN🤯] and you can too” spark curiosity and promise unique, intriguing content. They suggest that the audience is drawn to mysterious, exciting, or seemingly exclusive information.

Personal Connection and Engagement:

“Hello from London! 🇬🇧 (did you miss me?)” and “Warning: you’re about to get an invitation from me” imply a personal, direct connection with the audience. This approach makes the recipient feel like they are in a one-on-one conversation, enhancing engagement.

Interactivity and Participation:

“Take The Quiz: AI and You” and “Did you get your top 3 posts yet?” suggest an interactive element, inviting the audience to participate actively rather than just consume content. This can be a compelling draw, especially in digital communications where engagement can often be passive.

Emotional Connection:

Emails like “Friday Quickie: SmART HeARTs ♥️” seem to tap into emotional or heartfelt topics, which can be a powerful way to resonate with the audience.

Trend and Technology Relevance:

The high click-throughs for “Meet the world’s first AI Podcast Host 🤖 & get Productivity Plug-ins!” indicate a strong interest in new technologies, particularly AI, and how they can be applied in everyday life, like productivity.

Mystery and Challenge:

“Are you missing the obvious? What’s hiding in plain site🐘🐘🐘” poses a challenge to the reader, piquing their interest by suggesting they might be overlooking something important.

Exclusivity and Insider Knowledge:

Headlines like “I Predicted The Future [AGAIN🤯] and you can too” give a sense of insider knowledge or exclusive access, which can be very appealing.

Interaction | Innovation | Individualization

We combined all our insights into 3 main themes for the elevated focus of our 2024 email strategy.

  1. Interaction
    • This theme encompasses Mystery, Creativity, Anticipation, Connection, and Interactivity. It represents how the headers aim to actively engage the audience through intrigue, personal touch, and interactive content.
  2. Innovation
    • Including Foresight and Innovation, this theme reflects a focus on forward-thinking, technology, and new ideas, appealing to an audience interested in the cutting edge and future possibilities.
  3. Individualization
    • Encompassing Exclusivity, Personalization, and Awareness, this theme represents the tailor-made, unique, and insightful nature of the content, making it relevant and specifically appealing to each recipient.

Applying Audit Insights Into Your Email Strategy

When you understand what your audience resonates with most and why, you’re able to adapt your strategy. Here’s how we adapted ours, starting with the email invitation and title.

New Title

Our 2023 emailer was called: Playdate with Lauren Wallett. We had two sub-categories for the occasional extra email:

  • Monday Magic
  • Future Fridays

Based on the analysis, it’s clear that the sub-categories resonate more than the main theme of “Playdate” so we changed our main theme to “Illuminate with Lauren” so that it aligns with our audience sentiment.


Our 2023 email templates

Our 2023 LinkedIn banner


Our 2024 email template header and LinkedIn banner

And we updated our email sign-up page here.

Your 2024 Email Strategy

After completing an audit analysis of your top-performing emails from 2023, here’s how you can apply the insights directly to your email strategy for 2023:

  • Write headers that align with your core themes. For our example, topics that promote interaction innovation, and individualization.
  • You can also get granular with the top 10 word themes and base your emails on those themes.
  • Reuse the top 10 email headers.
  • Emulate the top 10 headers – create similar ones.
  • Improve your email header ideas based on what your audience wants. One of the ideas for taglines that came from our audit analysis is “Innovation with Integrity,” so we’ll incorporate that as a tagline and general theme because it fits into all three core themes.

Our Emails Perform 265% Better Than Average

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+61% Open Rate

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What Our Least Opened Emails Reveals About Audience Sentiment

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